One-point English from Dave!

Wellllllllllllllllllllllcome to Gogoエイブログ!ブログ... ブログ...  (笑)

Today's post is SERIOUS ENGISH!!!

...Just kidding!  Serious English sucks! (笑)

...Just kidding!  Serious English is important, but let's learn some SLANG (俗語).

Recently my friend Dave (デイブ) started a new website, and he is also doing a blog. Sometimes he makes short “One-point English” lessons(日本語の説明付き!), and other English learning tips.  I’ll use his posts sometimes here in my blog.  If you want more, please check out his website!


今日の話題は:Casual English

That sucks.

って聞いたことありますか?「That sucks.」は「残念」または「最悪」という意味なんですよ。元々かなり汚い表現からきましたが、今はあんまりそういうニュアンスがありません。普通に悪い情報を知った途端に言います。後、物事が非常に悪いと意見を表す時によく使います。結構カジュアルな表現なので気をてけてください。



A: I got fired today. (今日クビになっちゃったよ。)

B: Oh no! That really sucks. (ええ?最悪だ。)


A: I have to go to dinner with my boss. (上司と一緒にご飯を食べに行かなきゃ。)

B: That is going to suck. (最悪だね。)


A: How is that new restaurant? (あの最近できた店はどう?)

B: It sucks. (最悪だ。)


For more from Dave click the link!

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Golden Week is over...  Back to work.   :(

I hope everyone had a great GW!  Luckily, we had very nice weather!  The BBQ was a success!

I have to thank many friends for bringing chairs and tables, and Yoshi for helping with the cooking!  Yoshi and I cooked most of the food, but many people helped at times.


It was a lot of work getting everyone to come, and preparing everything, but it was worth it!  Everyone had a good time..  Even the kids and the dog! 笑

We grilled food aalllllll day.  Yoshi was so tired (and a little drunk? 笑) he fell asleep in one of those blue tubes! 笑  After we cleaned up, a few friends and I made a fire to keep warm, and continued drinking until midnight.  It was so much fun!


Annnnnyway, we will talk about it in our episode this Thursday.

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Lunch Control!

Long time no see!

Hello!  Thanks for coming and checking out the blog!  It has been a looooonnng time since I posted.  (>_<)


Sorry about that!

I will be posting more often from now on, and soon we will be using twitter as well.  We haven’t started yet, but you can find us @55englishjp  We will start posting English learning tips and mini lessons with the help of one of my friends.

Annnnnnyway, Spring is here!  That means it is time to start exercising and getting ready for summer!   (今まで怠けて来たので必死になって...笑)


Exercise is important, but I think that if you want to lose weight, the most important thing is to control what you eat.  I find it easy to control breakfast and dinner – because I am usually at home.

But what about LUNCH??  I always eat out for lunch because my company does not have a lunch room.  Also, I have to get away from the office to refresh my mind!  (狂って行かないように)


The problem is, eating at restaurants is usually not very healthy.  松屋 had a nice 豆腐キムチチゲ that I think was pretty healthy, but they stopped selling it recently – I guess it is a winter food  : (


Sometimes I’ll eat udon which is pretty low-calorie (かな?).  But recently my favorite is this Japanese style lunch set!  Today was fried chicken and daikon oroshi sauce, so actually it wasn’t that healthy, but the main dish changes everyday.



Do you think this is a healthy lunch?  I think it is better than many of the other lunch sets in my area.

Do you have any ideas for healthy lunches?  Please let me know!


Facebook:  GoGo エイブ会話

Twitter:  @55englishjp

P.S.  When I update the blog, I will post in Twitter, so please follow if you are interested in knowing when there is a new blog post!  (今はゼロ人ですけど 笑)


Have an awesome day!!!

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The birth of "GoGoエイブ会話" and the "GoGo Reader"


The first time Yoshi and I recorded a "GoGoエイブ会話" style conversation we were in a bar drinking beer(それはそんなに"surprising!"じゃないかも知れない)笑.  We used only a smartphone to record the conversation.  Yoshi had an interesting story, and the conversation was about 7 minutes long.  それで、GoGoエイブ会話 was born!

We had the concept, so it was time to give it a try.  Our goal was to make something that people can listen to for English practice, but also just for fun.  We wanted it to be welcoming for people at all English levels.

At first, we tried many things...(今聞くと縮み上がる(>_<)笑)  If you have listened from the beginning, maybe you remember: ”まずは出てくる単語を押さえておきましょう..."  and some other things we tried to make the podcast more approachable.

Luckily, we got valuable feedback from listeners (thank you!!!), and we started making the podcast longer, more silly and natural, and less edited (Yoshi spent hours editing our early episodes!).  We are always super happy to get feedback, and now we are having more fun than ever doing the podcast!

Many listeners requested a trascript of the episodes - and we realized that would be very helpful for many people that have trouble listening... But we wanted to do something special and different... それで the "GoGo Reader" was born!  It took a really long time to develop, but finally it has been released!  Yaaayy!

We are so happy that we can provide "GoGoエイブ会話" for free!(ポッドキャストってすごいものですね!), and also the "GoGo Reader" ... for frrrreeeeeeee!笑  We will add one more free episode this week, so there will be 3 free episodes on the app soon.  We are trying hard to make the "GoGo Reader" the BEST!  We want it to be the most high quality experience possible.  So, if you have tried it and have any thoughts, questions, or any feedback at all - please tell us!  We will continue to improve it as much as we can.  I really like that it looks like a smartphone chat...  What do you think?

Aaannyway, we will try to get better and grow our silly little podcast as long as there are people that want to listen!  BIG THANK YOU to everyone and よろしくお願いします for the future!  I wish we could give everything away for free, but in order to continue (and hopefully grow) we need to at least break even(笑).  I'm hoping that we can get professional microphones later this year!  Wooo-hoooo!!  Shooting for the stars! 笑

Please tell a friend, rate / review us on itunes, or just say hello on Facebook!

Coming to GoGo Reader this week!

#5 間接キッスのおもひで

#38 ゴルゴンゾーラ

#72 Strange News!  (←I like this one)

Aaaand FREE (#2)ラーメン for everyone!!!!


Have a great week!


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I love rice! But...

I love rice!  Since I moved to Japan, I’ve been eating rice a lot.  I eat white rice almost everyday for lunch – I often go to Matsuya on my lunch break.  (ヨシはやっぱり吉野家のほうが好きだけど)

At home, we usually cook brown rice with some extra healthy whole grains added for more fibre and less calories. ;)

In Canada there is not one main food like rice in Japan.  Bread, potatoes, pasta, and rice are all common depending on the meal.  I love rice, but sometimes I want to eat something different...

I noticed that in Japan potatoes are popular, but are usually put in soups, currys, stews, etc, and are not often served alone (except at McDonald’s 笑).  SO, today I’ll share a super easy and delicous way to make potatoes!

Maybe you have tried “mashed potatoes” before, but have you ever tried making them?  It’s super easy!!  All you need is a pot with a lid, a fork, and a few very simple ingredients.



-Garlic (tube is OK)

-Salt + Pepper

-Milk or Cream or Soy Milk

1) Peel the potatoes (try using a vegetable peeler! 笑)

2) Boil the potatoes in water – stab them with a fork to make sure they are cooked all the way through.

3) Use the lid of the pot to block the cooked potatoes, and pour out the water.

4) Mash the potatoes thoroughly with a fork.

5) Add butter, salt, pepper, and garlic – continue to mash and mix.

6) Add a little bit of milk or cream or soy milk – continue to mash and mix - continue to taste and add more milk / salt / garlic until the mashed potatoes are perfect!

That’s it!  All done!  Super easyでしょう!?

Mashed potatoes are great with chicken, beef, or pork!

Mashed Potatoes!  Ohhhh Yeeaaaaahhhhh!  :)
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Christmas dinner!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you had a great holiday!  I was very lucky – almost two weeks vacation.  Unfortunately, I caught a cold on January 1st, so 2017 has not been a good year so far.  :P

This year I stayed in Japan for the holidays.  On Christmas I felt a little homesick, so I decided to make a Christmas dinner.  In Canada, a traditional Christmas dinner is usually: roast turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy sauce, stuffing, and some other vegetables, like brussel sprouts (芽キャベツ).

The first step was to buy a whole bird.  Turkeys are too big, and not common in Japan, so I decided to buy a chicken.  We went to a special supermarket where they normally sell whole chickens...  But I couldn’t find one!  “Maybe they are all sold out because of Christmas”, I thought.  Then, at the bottom of the freezer, I found the last frozen chicken!  It was very small (only 1kg), but I was so happy that I had got the last chicken.

After that we went to a regular supermarket to buy all the other things.  However, while we were shopping, I found out they were selling special Christmas chickens!  These chickens were nice and big, and they were not frozen.  I felt so lucky to find the first chicken, but I was worried because when you make stuffing, you need to put the stuffing mixture inside the bird, and the 1kg chicken might be too small.

So, I decided to buy another chicken.  Also this chicken was not frozen, so I could start cooking right away.  Now with all the ingredients and TWO chickens (笑)  It was finally time to go home and start cooking.

This was my first time roasting a whole chicken in Japan, and my first time making gravy sauce and stuffing from scratch (最初から).  I didn’t want to make a big mistake, so I did a video phone call with my dad.  He loves cooking (and talking) so his explanation took almost 45min!  His explanation was too long, but he gave me good advice.

In the end, I was able to cook a complete Christmas dinner in Japan!  It actually wasn’t very difficult.  Also, now I have one more small chicken in the freezer that I can eat anytime!  笑


Starting with chicken going clockwise:

-Roast chicken (garlic and herbs rubbed into / under the skin)

-Mashed potatoes (butter, milk, garlic, salt+pepper) with gravy sauce (All chicken juices + broth reduced in saucepan then mix in flour)

-Stuffing (bread, onions, celery with herbs and salt stuffed into the chicken before roasting *plus Lawson secret recipe 笑)

-Carrot Lappe (made from pouch)

-Brussel sprouts (steamed)

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Shark Attack! ...At the Morning Market

Long time no see!  お久しぶり〜

I have been a little bit lazy recently, and have not made a blog post in a long time.  Sorry about the long delay!

Actually, I didn’t think very many people were reading the blog, but Yoshi told me there are quite a few visitors to the page, so thank you for visiting our site!

A few episodes ago on GoGoエイブ会話 I talked to Yoshi about going to the “morning market”.  That is my favorite way to spend my lunch hour.  I can forget about work for awhile and enjoy checking out all the different shops.  It’s refreshing!

I often buy vegetables and fish there...  Sometimes “mysterious” vegetables like 金時草 (笑).  For fish, I buy tuna steaks the most, and salmon once in awhile.  Recently I went there planning to buy tuna, but the tuna steaks were all sold out!  :(

I searched the other shops for something similar, but I could only find expensive “sashimi” type tuna.  Then I found something that looked quite similar...  It was shark meat!  Whaaaaaat!?!??

The shopkeeper was very friendly.  She recommended to cook it in a frying pan with just salt and pepper – so simple!  I decided to give it a try.

I took it home and cooked it with butter, salt, pepper, and a little bit of lemon.  I noticed the meat was more dense than tuna, so I cooked it a little bit longer.  It tasted great!  It’s very similar to tuna, but less expensive.  I’m not sure what kind of shark it was, but you can see in the picture what it looks like.  The meat looks like tuna but the colour is more pink.


If you have never tried it before, give shark a try! :)   It’s better than I expected!

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Have you heard of Bigfoot?

Bigfoot is a mythical animal that lives in the forrests of North America.  It is a big ape, about 2-3m tall, covered in hair, and smells really really bad.

The history of Bigfoot goes back a long time, just like mythical animals in Japan like the “Kappa” - The big difference is, many people still believe that Bigfoot is a real animal!

Actually it is true that there was a real animal called “gigantopithecus” – It lived in Asia until about 100,000 years ago.  It was 3m tall and weighed about 500kg(完璧にBigfootじゃん!).  Some people believe that some gigantopithecus came to North America and still live there today – which are now believed to be “Bigfoot”.

A Bigfoot has never been captured, and no one has ever found a body.  Many people believe it because someone they know has seen a Bigfoot.  Most people probably saw a bear standing on two legs and thought, “Oh my god!  It’s Bigfoot!” by mistake.  The only evidence are some footprints that were found in the forrest.  That’s why people started using the name “Bigfoot”.



There are some people called “Bigfoot Hunters” that like to go into the forrests looking for Bigfoot.  They are hoping to get a video or picture, but often only smell or hear something that they think was the creature.  Recently there has even been an American reality TV show about “Bigfoot Hunters”.

I think there is a chance that gigantopithecus did come to North America, and the myth of Bigfoot started because of a real animal.  But, to survive until today there would need to be many of them, so I’m almost 100% sure there is no Bigfoot alive now :(

This is the most famous video.  It was taken in 1967, and it started all the excitement about Bigfoot.  Some people still believe the video is real.  I think it just looks like a large man wearing a gorilla costume. (笑)

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Does anyone know what this is? 笑

I found it at a “morning market”(朝市).  In North America the closest thing to a Japanese “morning market” is called a “farmer’s market”.  Farmers go there to sell their meat, vegetables and fruit directly to customers.  In many cities and towns, the “farmer’s market” is only open on the weekends.  I guess the farmers are busy farming during the week.  ;-)

In Japan I noticed there is a lot of fish being sold at the “morning market”, but I haven’t seen any meat there.  The prices are much cheaper than the supermarket.  I bought 4 tuna steaks for just 400yen!  :lol:

Anyway, I found this MYSTERY VEGETABLE...  I was surprised by how colorful it is.  Each leaf is bright green on one side, and bright purple on the other side.  I have heard that colorful foods have lots of vitamins and nutrients - so I bought it.  It was about 200yen.

At first, I put it in a smoothie with berries, juice, soy milk, etc.  It was just OK.  The taste is quite strong and a little bitter, so maybe it’s not good for a smoothie. (>_<)

Next I steamed it then added a little butter, salt, and pepper.  It was really good!  However, almost anything is good with butter, salt, and pepper!  Also the color turns to a dark purple when it is steamed (the green goes away).

Is this vegetable common?  Does anybody know what it is, or how to cook it?

It’s a mystery to me...  But the color is awesome!

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バック トゥ ザ フュッチャー ...フュッチャー ...フュッチャー

Today is the day!  I will finally get a new smartphone – the iPhone7! :lol:

I have been living without a smartphone for more than one month.  Actually, it has been a nice “holiday” away from the smartphone screen, but I am excited to have the conveniences back.

I realized that I don’t need an expensive contract.  Nowadays there are many different ways to call people (LINE, FaceBook, Whatsapp, Skype, etc), so I will try to save some money by changing to a cheaper contract and using wifi more often.

I didn’t like the idea of backing up to the iCloud, so I lost aaallllllllll my data, apps, pictures, contacts (address book), and everything when I destroyed my last iPhone!  I was so stupid!  (笑)  Now I have to start from the beginning.  It will be a big hassle to ask everyone for their phone number again!  I will be sure to “back up” my phone this time...  Can we really trust Apple with all our personal information? :-?   Well... I hope so!

Thank you for listening to our podcast and visiting our website!  Now it is time to go to SoftBank...  I feel like I am going back...  back to the FUTURE ...future ...future. (笑)

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